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2009 - present

Sports Reporter/Analyst at CTV-Largo, Maryland

  • Covered basketball as it pertains to metropolitan area athletes and teams.

  • Served as a reporter for the “Roundball Report” at Washington Wizards games.

  • Researched information to conduct informative interviews with players and coaches.

  • Synthesized information gathered to be presented on the “Roundball Report” to facilitate.

  • Served as color analyst for the High School All-American Capital Classic Basketball Game (2011 & 2012)

  • Served as guest basketball analyst on the Aljazeera Sports Channel (2011-12)

  • Covered the NBA All Star weekend in Orlando (2012)

  • Covered NBA All Star Weekend in Houston (2013)

  • Covered NBA All Star Weekend in New Orleans (2014)

  • Covered the 2010 First Round Playoffs in Charlotte (Charlotte vs. Orlando)

  • Covered USA Basketball In Washington, DC (2012)

  • Invited by the Qatar Olympic Committee to participate in the International Sports Press Association’s (AIPS) conference in Doha, Qatar (2016)

  • Conducted one-on-one interviews with Shaq, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, Dwight Howard, Chauncey Billups, and a host of other athletes. 

  • Invited to provide color commentary for the DCSAA Volleyball Championships (2014)


the Sports Analyst


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